About Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI)

Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI)
A. Functions
1. AGI was established under item a, clause 1, Article 2 of Decision No. 220/QD-TTg dated September 9th, 2005 of the Prime Minister on establishing Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
2. AGI is a scientific and non-business unit under the Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, functioning in basic research with orientation and application of scientific and technical achievements in the field of genetics and biotechnology for socio-economic development of the Agriculture.
3. AGI is funded by the State and is eligible to use its own seal and account at the State Treasury and Bank in accordance with applicable law. It names Agricultural Genetics Institute, AGI for short. AGI's head office is located in Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
B. Responsibilities
1. Preparing long-term, five-year and annual programs, projects and plans for research and technology transfer in the field of genetics and biotechnology with aim at socio-economic development, and submitting to competent authority for approval and implementation.
2. Carrying out scientific researches and technology transfer in various fields as follows:
a) The rules of genetics and variation at the molecular, cellular, individual and population levels on plants and microorganisms;
b) Application of recombinant DNA technology and Nano technology for plant genome analysis;
c) Application of genetic methods and biotechnology to diversify genetic resources, create initial materials for selection and breeding of plants and microorganisms;
d) Development and application of bioinformatics to build databases of plant genomes and microorganisms: gene maps, gene sequences, gene functions, genetically modified plants, and genetically modified products;
e) Application technological solutions to protect biological agriculture, biodiversity and biosafety.
3. Conducting technology transfer and agricultural extension in the fields of genetics and biotechnology
4. Carrying out international cooperation on scientific research, technology transfer, expert cooperation and human resource training in the field of genetics and agricultural biotechnology with foreign organizations and individuals as prescribed by the Government.
5. Associating and cooperating in scientific research and technological development, experiencing new techniques, organizing human resource training courses in assigned fields with domestic organizations in accordance with applicable law.
6. Manufacturing and trading in accordance with applicable law.
7. Effectively managing and utilizing allocated resources, funds and assets in accordance with applicable law.
  • Management Board
Professor, Dr. Pham Xuan Hoi Director of  AGI Tel.: (0243) 754 47 12
Associate Professor, Dr. Dang Trong Luong  Vice Director of AGI Tel.: (0243) 748 08 62
Email: luongdt2001@yahoo.com
Associate Professor, Dr. Khuat Huu Trung  Vice Director of AGI Tel.: (0243) 754 07 64
Email: khuathuutrung@yahoo.com
Dr. Le Duc Thao Vice Director of AGI   Tel.: (0243) 748 10 95        

- Administrative office
- Department of Science and International Cooperation
  • Research departments
- Department of Genetic Mutations and Heterosis
- Department of Microbiological Technology
- Department of Molecular Biology
- Department of Molecular Pathology
- Department of Genetic Engineering
  • Non-business units
- National Key Laboratory of Plant Cell Technology
- High-tech Biology Experimental Center
- Mushroom Research and Development Center
- Department of Inspecting Organisms and Genetically Modified Products

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